User Preferences & M iscellaneous Digital Scanner Options 4 - 37
FN1 Substitution Values
Key Category Parameter # 67h
Decimal Value Parameter # 6Dh
The wedge and USB HID keyboard hosts support a FN1 Substitution feature. Enabling this substitutes any FN1
character (0x1b) in an EAN128 bar code with a value. This value defaults to 7013 (Enter key).
When using host commands to set the FN1 substitution value, set the key category parameter to 1, then set the
3-digit keystroke value. See the ASCII character set table for the current host interface for the desired value.
To select a FN1 substitution value via bar code menus:
1. Scan the bar code below.
2. Locate the keystroke desired for FN1 substitution in the ASCII character set table in the appropriate host
interface chapter. Enter the 4-digit ASCII value by scanning each digit in Appendix D, Numeric Bar Codes.
To correct an error or change the selection, scan Cancel on page D-2.
See USB Keyboard FN 1 Substitution on page 5-14 to enable FN1 substitution for the USB HID keyboard.
Scan Data Transmission Format (continued)
Set FN1 Substitution Value
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