4 - 34 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
Miscellaneous Scanner Parameters
Transmit Code ID Character
Parameter # 2Dh
A Code ID character identifies the code type of a scanned bar code. This is useful when decoding more than one
code type. In addition to any single character prefix already selected, the Code ID character is inserted between
the prefix and the decoded symbol.
Select no Code ID character, a Symbol Code ID character, or an AIM Code ID character. For Code ID Characters,
see Symbol Code Identifiers on page B-1 and AIM Code Identifiers on page B-3.
NOTE If you enable Symbol Code ID Character or AIM Code ID Character, and enable Transmit “No Read”
Message on page 4-38, the digital scanner appends the code ID for Code 39 to the NR message.
Symbol Code ID Character
AIM Code ID Character
* None
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