3 - 4 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
Table 3-1
Problem Possible Causes Possible Solutions
The aiming pattern does not appear
when pressing the trigger.
No power to the digital scanner. If the configuration requires a power
supply, re-connect the power supply.
Incorrect host interface cable is used. Connect the correct host interface cable.
Interface/power cables are loose. Re-connect cables.
Digital scanner is disabled. For IBM 468x and USB IBM hand-held,
IBM table top, and OPOS modes, enable
the digital scanner via the host interface.
Otherwise, see the technical person in
charge of scanning.
If using RS-232 Nixdorf B mode, CTS is
not asserted.
Assert CTS line.
Aiming pattern is disabled. Enable the aiming pattern. See
Hand-Held Decode Aiming Pattern on
page 4-19
Digital scanner emits aiming pattern,
but does not decode the bar code.
Digital scanner is not programmed for
the correct bar code type.
Program the digital scanner to read that
type of bar code. See
Chapter 9,
Bar code symbol is unreadable. Scan test symbols of the same bar code
type to determine if the bar code is
The symbol is not completely inside
aiming pattern.
Move the symbol completely within the
aiming pattern.
Move the symbol completely within the
field of view (AIM pattern does NOT
define FOV)
Distance between digital scanner and
bar code is incorrect.
Move the scanner closer to or further from
the bar code. See
Decode Ranges on
page 2-10
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