3 - 2 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
Daily Cleaning and Disinfecting
Following are the cleaning and disinfecting instructions for environments that require daily or more frequent
cleaning to prevent the spread of germs, including healthcare workers who need to disinfect their scanner after
each patient visit and retail and other shift workers who share devices.
1. Dampen a soft cloth with one of the approved cleaning agents listed above or use pre-moistened wipes.
2. Gently wipe all surfaces, including the front, back, sides, top and bottom. Never apply liquid directly to the
scanner. Be careful not to let liquid pool around the scanner window, trigger, cable connector or any other area
on the device.
3. Be sure to clean the trigger and in between the trigger and the housing (use a cotton-tipped applicator to reach
tight or inaccessible areas).
4. Immediately dry the scanner window after cleaning with a soft non-abrasive cloth to prevent streaking.
5. Allow the unit to air dry before use.
Monthly 'Deep Cleaning' Maintenance
Keep your Motorola scanner in good working order with a regular comprehensive cleaning routine to remove the
natural build-up of dirt that occurs with everyday use on connectors and the scanner exit window as well as, the
main surfaces of the device.
1. Housing: Follow the instructions for daily cleaning and disinfecting above to give the housing a general
2. Scanner window: Wipe the scanner window with a lens tissue or other material suitable for cleaning optical
material such as eyeglasses.
3. Scanner connector:
a. Dip the cotton portion of a cotton-tipped applicator in isopropyl alcohol.
b. Rub the cotton portion of the cotton-tipped applicator back-and-forth across the connector on the Motorola
scanner. Do not leave any cotton residue on the connector.
c. Repeat at least 3 times.
d. Use the cotton-tipped applicator dipped in alcohol to remove any grease and dirt near the connector area.
e. Use a dry cotton tipped applicator and repeat steps c, d and e (do not apply alcohol as directed in any of
these steps).
4. Cradle connector:
a. Remove the DC power cable from the cradle.
b. Dip the cotton portion of a cotton-tipped applicator in isopropyl alcohol.
c. Rub the cotton portion of the cotton-tipped applicator along the pins of the connector. Slowly move the
applicator back-and-forth from one side of the connector to the other. Do not let any cotton residue remain
on the connector.
d. Rub all sides of the connector with the cotton-tipped applicator.
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