Chapter 3 Maintenance, Troubleshooting &
Technical Specifications
This chapter provides suggested digital scanner maintenance, troubleshooting, technical specifications, and signal
descriptions (pinouts).
General Scanner Maintenance
Cleaning the scan window is required. A dirty window can affect scanning accuracy.
Do not allow abrasive material to touch the window.
Remove any dirt particles with a damp cloth.
Wipe the window using a tissue moistened with approved cleanser (listed below).
Do not spray water or other cleaning liquids directly into the window.
In addition to the cleaning requirements above, healthcare configurations of the scanner (DS4208-HC) may require
additional maintenance.
Healthcare Scanner Maintenance
The DS4208-HC design allows safe cleansing of the product plastics with a variety of cleaning products and
disinfectants. If required, wipe the digital scanner with the following list of approved cleansers:
Isopropyl alcohol
Bleach/sodium hypochlorite
Hydrogen peroxide
Gentle dish soap and water
IMPORTANT Cleansers that contain active ingredients not listed above should not be utilized on the
DS4208-HC digital scanner.
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