2 - 6 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
3. Tighten the wing nut underneath the base to secure the cup and neck piece to the base.
4. Bend the neck to the desired position for scanning.
Mounting the Stand (optional)
You can attach the base of the scanner’s stand to a flat surface using two screws or double-sided tape (not
Figure 2-3
Mounting the Stand
Screw Mount
1. Position the assembled base on a flat surface.
2. Screw one #10 wood screw into each screw-mount hole until the base of the stand is secure (see Figure 2-3).
Tape Mount
1. Peel the paper liner off one side of each piece of tape and place the sticky surface over each of the three
rectangular tape holders.
2. Peel the paper liner off the exposed sides of each piece of tape and press the stand on a flat surface until it is
secure (see Figure 2-3).
NOTE Before tightening the wing nut under the base, ensure that the flat areas at the bottom of the flexible
gooseneck fit securely in the grooves in the base.
Two screw-mount holes
Double-sided tape areas
(3 places)
dimensions = 1” x 2”)
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