Scanning 2 - 5
The digital scanner is in hands-free (presentation) mode when it is placed in the gooseneck Intellistand. In this
mode, the digital scanner operates in continuous (constant-on) mode, where it automatically decodes a bar code
presented in its field of view.
When the digital scanner is not used for a user-definable period of time, it enters a low power mode in which the
LEDs are turned off or blinked illuminated at a low duty cycle until the digital scanner detects an image change (e.g.
Scanning in Hands-Free (Presentation) Mode
The optional stand adds greater flexibility to scanning operation. When the scanner is seated in the stand’s “cup,”
the scanner’s built-in sensor places the scanner in hands-free (presentation) mode. When the scanner is removed
from the stand, it automatically switches modes to operate in its normal hand-held triggered mode.
Assemble the Stand
Figure 2-2
Assembling the Stand
To assemble the stand:
1. Unscrew the wing nut from the bottom of the one piece scanner “cup.”
2. Fit the bottom of the gooseneck piece into the opening on the top of the stand base.
Stand base
Flat areas
One piece
“cup” with
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