Scanning 2 - 3
3 long high beeps Code 39 buffer is full.
High/low/high beeps The Code 39 buffer was erased.
Low/high beeps A successful transmission of buffered data.
Macro PDF
2 low beeps MPDF sequence buffered.
2 long low beeps File ID error. A bar code not in the current MPDF sequence was scanned.
3 long low beeps Out of memory. There is not enough buffer space to store the current MPDF
4 long low beeps Bad symbology. Scanned a 1D or 2D bar code in a MPDF sequence, a duplicate
MPDF label, a label in an incorrect order, or trying to transmit an empty or illegal
MPDF field.
5 long low beeps Flushing MPDF buffer.
Low/high beeps Flushing an already empty MPDF buffer.
Fast warble beep Aborting MPDF sequence.
Host Specific
USB only
Low/medium/high beeps
upon scanning a USB device
Communication with the host must be established before the digital scanner can
operate at the highest power level.
Low/medium/high beeps
occur more than once
The USB host can put the digital scanner in a state where power to the scanner is
cycled on and off more than once. This is normal and usually happens when the
PC cold boots.
RS-232 only
1 short high beep A <BEL> character is received and Beep on <BEL> is enabled.
Table 2-1
Beeper Definitions (Continued)
Beeper Sequence Indication
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