2 - 2 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
Beeper Definitions
The digital scanner issues different beep sequences and patterns to indicate status. Table 2-1 defines beep
sequences that occur during both normal scanning and while programming the digital scanner.
Table 2-1
Beeper Definitions
Beeper Sequence Indication
Standard Use
Low/medium/high beeps Power up.
Short beep, tone
A bar code symbol was decoded (if decode beeper is enabled).
4 long low beeps Transmission error.
5 low beeps Conversion or format error.
Low/low/low/extra low beeps RS-232 receive error.
High beep The digital scanner detected a <BEL> character over RS-232.
Parameter Menu Scanning
Low/high beeps Input error; incorrect bar code, programming sequence, or
High/low beeps Keyboard parameter selected. Enter value using numeric bar codes.
High/low/high/low beeps Successful program exit with change in parameter setting.
ADF Programming
Low/low beeps Enter another alphabetic character or scan the
End of Message
bar code.
Low/high/high beeps All rules are deleted.
Low/high/low/high beeps Out of rule memory. Erase some existing rules, then try to save rule again.
Low/high/low beeps Cancel rule entry. Rule entry mode exited because of an error or the user asked to
exit rule entry.
Low/high beeps Entry error, wrong bar code scanned, or criteria/action list is too long for a rule.
Re-enter criterion or action.
Low beep Delete last saved rule. The current rule is left intact.
High/high beeps ADF criteria or action is expected. Enter another criterion or action, or scan the
Save Rule
bar code.
High/low/low beeps All criteria or actions cleared for current rule, continue entering rule.
High/low/high/low beeps Rule saved. Rule entry mode exited.
Code 39 Buffering
Low/high/low beeps The Code 39 buffer was erased or there was an attempt to clear or transmit an
empty buffer.
High/low beeps New Code 39 data was entered into the buffer.
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