12 - 2 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
Driver’s License Parsing
To enable driver's license parsing on the digital scanner, scan the Embedded Driver's License Parsing bar code.
This does not require Motorola software (.DLL).
Scan the bar codes on the following pages in the order indicating the sequence of data fields that the digital
scanner outputs. See Parsing Driver’s License Data Fields (Embedded Driver's License Parsing) on page 12-3
for more information.
As jurisdictional updates become available, Motorola updates a series of bar codes on the Motorola Web site:
These bar codes contain embedded software. Scanning these in conjunction with the bar codes on page 12-4
download jurisdictional software updates to the digital scanner. The updates reside in the digital scanner's flash
memory and apply when the digital scanner is next used.
*No Driver’s License Parsing
Embedded Driver’s License Parsing
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