1 - 4 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
Removing the Interface Cable
1. Press the cable’s modular connector clip through the access slot in the digital scanner’s base.
Figure 1-3
Removing the Cable
2. Carefully slide out the cable.
3. Follow the steps for Installing the Interface Cable to connect a new cable.
Connecting Power (if required)
If the host does not provide power to the digital scanner, connect an external power supply.
1. Plug the power supply into the power jack on the interface cable.
2. Plug the other end of the power supply into an AC outlet.
Configuring the Digital Scanner
To configure the digital scanner use the bar codes included in this manual, or use the 123Scan2 configuration
program. See Chapter 4, User Preferences & Miscellaneous Digital Scanner Options, and Chapter 9, Symbologies
for information about programming the digital scanner using bar code menus. See Chapter 10, 123Scan2 for
information on using this configuration program. Also see each host-specific chapter to set up connection to a
specific host type.
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