9 - 76 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
Composite TLC-39
Parameter # F0h 73h
Scan a bar code below to enable or disable Composite bar codes of type TLC-39.
UPC Composite Mode
Parameter # F0h 58h
If you enable Composite CC-A/B on page 9-75, select an option for linking UPC symbols with a 2D symbol during
transmission as if they were one symbol:
Select UPC Never Linked to transmit UPC bar codes regardless of whether a 2D symbol is detected.
Select UPC Always Linked to transmit UPC bar codes and the 2D portion.
If 2D is not present, the UPC bar code does not transmit.
If you select Autodiscriminate UPC Composites, the digital scanner determines if there is a 2D portion,
then transmits the UPC, as well as the 2D portion if present.
Enable TLC39
*Disable TLC39
*UPC Never Linked
UPC Always Linked
Autodiscriminate UPC Composites
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