9 - 72 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
GS1 DataBar Limited Security Level
Parameter # F1h D8h
The digital scanner offers four levels of decode security for GS1 DataBar Limited bar codes. There is an inverse
relationship between security and digital scanner aggressiveness. Increasing the level of security may result in
reduced aggressiveness in scanning, so only choose the level of security necessary.
Level 1 – No clear margin required. This complies with the original GS1 standard, yet might result in
erroneous1 decoding of the DataBar Limited bar code when scanning some UPC symbols that start with the
digits “9” and “7”.
Level 2 – Automatic risk detection. This level of security may result in erroneous decoding of DataBar Limited
bar codes when scanning some UPC symbols. If a misdecode is detected, the scanner operates in Level 3 or
Level 1.
Level 3 – Security level reflects newly proposed GS1 standard that requires a 5X trailing clear margin.
Level 4 – Security level extends beyond the standard required by GS1. This level of security requires a 5X
leading and trailing clear margin.
1. May result in erroneous decoding due to Databar Limited and UPC symbologies.
Security Level 1
Security Level 2
*Security Level 3
Security Level 4
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