9 - 36 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
Code 39 Buffering
Parameter # 71h
This feature allows the digital scanner to accumulate data from multiple Code 39 symbols.
Scanning Buffer Code 39 (Enable) temporarily buffers all Code 39 symbols having a leading space as a first
character for later transmission. The leading space is not buffered.
Decoding a Code 39 symbol with no leading space transmits in sequence all buffered data in a first-in first-out
format, plus the “triggering” symbol. See the following pages for further details.
Select Do Not Buffer Code 39 to transmit all decoded Code 39 symbols immediately without storing them in the
This feature affects Code 39 only. If selecting Buffer Code 39, we recommend configuring the digital scanner to
decode Code 39 symbology only.
While there is data in the transmission buffer, you cannot select Do Not Buffer Code 39. The buffer holds 200
bytes of information.
To disable Code 39 buffering when there is data in the transmission buffer, first force the buffer transmission (see
Transmit Buffer on page 9-37) or clear the buffer.
Buffer Data
To buffer data, enable Code 39 buffering and scan a Code 39 symbol with a space immediately following the start
Unless the data overflows the transmission buffer, the digital scanner issues a low/high beep to indicate
successful decode and buffering. (For overflow conditions, see Overfilling Transmission Buffer on page
The digital scanner adds the decoded data excluding the leading space to the transmission buffer.
No transmission occurs.
Buffer Code 39 (Enable)
*Do Not Buffer Code 39 (Disable)
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