9 - 30 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
Check ISBT Table
Parameter # F1h 42h
The ISBT specification includes a table that lists several types of ISBT bar codes that are commonly used in pairs.
If you set ISBT Concatenation to Enable, enable Check ISBT Table to concatenate only those pairs found in this
table. Other types of ISBT codes are not concatenated.
ISBT Concatenation Redundancy
Parameter # DFh
If you set ISBT Concatenation to Autodiscriminate, use this parameter to set the number of times the digital
scanner must decode an ISBT symbol before determining that there is no additional symbol.
Scan the bar code below, then scan two numeric bar codes in Appendix D, Numeric Bar Codes to set a value
between 2 and 20. Enter a leading zero for single digit numbers. To correct an error or change a selection, scan
Cancel on page D-2. The default is 10.
*Enable Check ISBT Table
Disable Check ISBT Table
ISBT Concatenation Redundancy
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