Symbologies 9 - 29
ISBT Concatenation
Parameter # F1h 41h
Select an option for concatenating pairs of ISBT code types:
If you select Disable ISBT Concatenation, the digital scanner does not concatenate pairs of ISBT
codes it encounters.
If you select Enable ISBT Concatenation, there must be two ISBT codes in order for the digital scanner to
decode and perform concatenation. The digital scanner does not decode single ISBT symbols.
If you select Autodiscriminate ISBT Concatenation, the digital scanner decodes and concatenates pairs
of ISBT codes immediately. If only a single ISBT symbol is present, the digital scanner must decode the
symbol the number of times set via ISBT Concatenation Redundancy on page 9-30 before transmitting its
data to confirm that there is no additional ISBT symbol.
*Disable ISBT Concatenation
Enable ISBT Concatenation
Autodiscriminate ISBT Concatenation
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