xviii DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
Related Documents
DS4208 Quick Start Guide, p/n 72-139230-xx: Provides general information for getting started with the
DS4208 digital scanner, and includes basic set up and operation instructions.
Advanced Data Formatting Programmer Guide, p/n 72E-69680-xx: Provides information on ADF, a means of
customizing data before transmission to a host.
Plural Stage Programmer’s Guide, p/n 72E-67113-xx: Provides the bar codes necessary to program the
scanner to decode Plural Stage bar codes and enable Supplemental Recognition Characters. The default
value for Plural Stage support is off.
For the latest version of this guide and all guides, go to: http://supportcentral.motorola.com.
Scanner SDK and Other Software Tools
Tackle all your scanner programming needs with our diversified set of software tools. Whether you need to simply
stage a device or develop a fully featured application with image and data capture as well as asset management,
these tools help you every step of the way. To download any of these free tools listed below, go to:
123Scan2 Configuration Utility (see Chapter 10, 123Scan2)
Scanner SDK for Windows
Virtual Com Port Driver
OPOS Driver
JPOS Driver
Scanner User Documentation
Archive of Older Drivers.
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