About This Guide xvii
Notational Conventions
The following conventions are used in this document:
Italics are used to highlight the following:
Chapters and sections in this and related documents
Dialog box, window and screen names
Drop-down list and list box names
Check box and radio button names
Bold text is used to highlight the following:
Key names on a keypad
Button names on a screen.
bullets (•) indicate:
Action items
Lists of alternatives
Lists of required steps that are not necessarily sequential
Sequential lists (e.g., those that describe step-by-step procedures) appear as numbered lists.
Throughout the programming bar code menus, asterisks (*) are used to denote default parameter settings.
*Baud Rate 9600 Feature/Option
* Indicates default
NOTE This symbol indicates something of special interest or importance to the reader. Failure to read the note
will not result in physical harm to the reader, equipment or data.
CAUTION This symbol indicates that if this information is ignored, the possibility of data or material damage may
WARNING!This symbol indicates that if this information is ignored the possibility that serious personal
injury may occur.
IMPORTANT This symbol indicates meaningful advice.
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