Symbologies 9 - 11
Enable/Disable EAN-13/JAN-13
Parameter # 03h
To enable or disable EAN-13/JAN-13, scan the appropriate bar code below.
Enable/Disable Bookland EAN
Parameter # 53h
To enable or disable Bookland EAN, scan the appropriate bar code below.
*Enable EAN-13/JAN-13
Disable EAN-13/JAN-13
Enable Bookland EAN
* Disable Bookland EAN
NOTE If Bookland EAN is enabled, select a Bookland ISBN Format on page 9-12. Also select either Decode
UPC/EAN Supplementals, Autodiscriminate UPC/EAN Supplementals, or Enable 978/979 Supplemental
Mode in Decode UPC/EAN/JAN Supplementals on page 9-13.
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