9 - 2 DS4208 Digital Scanner Product Reference Guide
Errors While Scanning
Unless otherwise specified, to correct an error during a scanning sequence, just re-scan the correct parameter.
Symbology Parameter Defaults
Table 9-1 lists the defaults for all symbologies parameters. To change the default values, scan the appropriate bar
codes in this guide. These new values replace the standard default values in memory. To recall the default
parameter values, scan the Set Default Parameter on page 4-4.
NOTE See Appendix A, Standard Default Parameters for all user preferences, hosts, and miscellaneous default
Table 9-1
Parameter Defaults
Parameter Parameter
Number Default Page
Disable All Code Types
UPC-A 01h Enable 9-9
UPC-E 02h Enable 9-9
UPC-E1 0Ch Disable 9-10
EAN-8/JAN 8 04h Enable 9-10
EAN-13/JAN 13 03h Enable 9-11
Bookland EAN 53h Disable 9-11
Bookland ISBN Format F1h 40h ISBN-10 9-12
Decode UPC/EAN/JAN Supplementals (2 and 5 digits) 10h Ignore 9-14
User-Programmable Supplementals
Supplemental 1:
Supplemental 2:
F1h 43h
F1h 44h
N/A 9-16
UPC/EAN/JAN Supplemental Redundancy 50h 10 9-16
Decode UPC/EAN/JAN Supplemental AIM ID F1h A0h Combined 9-17
Transmit UPC-A Check Digit 28h Enable 9-18
Transmit UPC-E Check Digit 29h Enable 9-18
Transmit UPC-E1 Check Digit 2Ah Enable 9-19
UPC-A Preamble 22h System Character 9-19
UPC-E Preamble 23h System Character 9-20
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