Chapter 9 Symbologies
This chapter describes symbology features and provides programming bar codes for selecting these features.
Before programming, follow the instructions in Chapter 1, Getting Started.
To set feature values, scan a single bar code or a short bar code sequence. The settings are stored in non-volatile
memory and are preserved even when the digital scanner powers down.
Select a host type (see each host chapter for specific host information) after the power-up beeps sound. This is
only necessary upon the first power-up when connected to a new host.
To return all features to default values, scan the Set Default Parameter on page 4-4. Throughout the programming
bar code menus, asterisks (*) indicate default values.
Scanning Sequence Examples
In most cases, scanning one bar code sets the parameter value. For example, to transmit bar code data without the
UPC-A check digit, simply scan the Do Not Transmit UPC-A Check Digit bar code under Transmit UPC-A Check
Digit on page 9-18. The digital scanner issues a fast warble beep and the LED turns green, signifying a successful
parameter entry.
Other parameters, such as Set Length(s) for D 2 of 5 require scanning several bar codes. See the individual
parameter, such as Set Length(s) for D 2 of 5, for this procedure.
NOTE Most computer monitors allow scanning the bar codes directly on the screen. When scanning from the
screen, be sure to set the document magnification to a level where you can see the bar code clearly, and
bars and/or spaces do not merge.
*Enable UPC-A
* Indicates default
Option hex value
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