Control Panel LCD Display
13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
Manufacturing Menu Parameters
The manufacturing menu is designed to simplify and speed up configuration changes by
providing access to certain parameters from all password levels. For some parameters (such as
DARKNESS or DENSI TY), changes are saved immediately. For the remaining parameters,
changes are saved automatically when you exit the manufacturing menu.
To access the manufacturing menu, complete these steps:
1. Turn Off (O) the printer.
2. Press and hold the up arrow.
3. Turn On (I) the printer. Continue holding the up arrow until the printer displays PRI NTER
4. Release the up arrow.
5. Press MENU.
The printer displays the parameters in the manufacturing menu. Table 15 shows
parameters in the order in which they appear when you press the right arrow. Throughout
this process, press the right arrow to continue to the next parameter or the left arrow to
return to the previous parameter in the cycle.
6. To exit from the manufacturing menu, press MENU.
The printer saves changes and returns to the PRI NTER READY display.
7. To return to normal printer operation, turn the printer Off (O) and then back On (I).
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