Control Panel LCD Display
10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
(ZPL mode only)
Set Delimiter Character
The delimiter character is a two-digit hexadecimal value used as a
parameter place marker in ZPL/ZPL II format instructions. See the ZPL II
Programming Guide Volume I for more information.
Note • Do not use the same hexadecimal value for the control,
command, and delimiter character. The printer must see different
characters to work properly.
Range: 00 to FF
Default Value: 2C (comma)
To modify this parameter:
To increase the value, press the up arrow.
To decrease the value, press the down arrow.
(ZPL, EPL, APL-D modes)
Hex Dump
The hexadecimal dump mode is a troubleshooting tool for checking the
interconnection between the printer and the host computer. When YES is
selected, all data sent from the host computer to the printer prints as
straight ASCII characters, with the hexadecimal value below the ASCII
text. The printer prints all characters received, including control codes,
such as CR (carriage return). A sample printout is shown in
Communications Diagnostics Test on page 103.
Selections: NO, YES
Default Value: NO
To modify this parameter:
Press the up or down arrow to scroll through the selections.
CHANGE RTC DATE Set RTC (Real-time clock) Date
If RTC is installed, this parameter allows you to set the RTC date.
Note • The printer saves the RTC date immediately.
To modify this parameter:
1. Press ENTER.
The printer displays the current RTC date.
2. Modify the values as follows:
Press the right arrow to move to the next digit position.
To increase the value, press the up arrow.
To decrease the value, press the down arrow.
3. Press ENTER to accept the value shown.
Table 12 • Printer Parameters, Password Level 3 (Page 5 of 10)
Parameter Explanation
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