Password Protection of Parameters
10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
Changing Printer Passwords Using ZPL II
To change the password for any level, use the ^KP ZPL II command. The format is KPa,b
where a is the password and b is the password level.
Password-Protect All Parameters. To password protect all parameters, send the
^KP ZPL II command with a different password for each level.
Disable Password To disable the password-protection feature for a particular level and
those below it, set the password to 0000 using the ^KP ZPL II command. To enable the
password-protection feature, send the ZPL II command with any non-zero number for a
Return to Default Passwords If you forget your passwords, the printer can be returned to
the default factory settings, which makes the default passwords valid again. Use caution when
returning the passwords to their default values because this also sets all other printer
parameters back to their defaults.
To return the printer to the default factory settings using ZPL, send this command:
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