Setup Mode
13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
Setup Mode
After you have installed the media and ribbon and the Power-On Self Test (POST) is complete,
the control panel displays PRI NTER READY. You may now set printer parameters for your
application using the control panel LCD and the buttons directly below it. If it becomes
necessary to restore the initial printer defaults, see FEED and PAUSE Self Test on page 103.
Enter Setup Mode
To enter Setup mode, complete these steps:
1. Press MENU.
2. Use the left or right arrow to scroll through the parameters.
Leave Setup Mode
You can leave Setup mode at any time. As you leave Setup mode, you may choose to save or
discard changes that you made, or you may return to where you were in Setup mode.
To exit Setup mode, complete these steps:
1. Press MENU.
The printer displays SAVE CHANGES and activates the ENTER button.
2. Do you wish to save changes that were made since you entered Setup mode?
If you wish to... Then...
Save changes a. Press ENTER.
The printer saves changes and exits Setup mode.
Discard changes a. Press the up or down arrow to select NO.
b. Press ENTER.
The printer discards changes and exits Setup mode.
Return to Setup mode a. Press MENU or any arrow button.
MENU returns you to the same parameter.
The left arrow takes you to the previous parameter.
The right arrow takes you to the next parameter.
The up or down arrow scrolls to other options in the
same parameter.
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