Select or Adjust the Media Sensors
13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
Select or Adjust the Media Sensors
This printer uses two types of media sensors: transmissive and reflective.
Select the Transmissive Sensor
The standard transmissive sensor (Figure 20) is in a fixed position and enabled from the
control panel. For more information about the operation of this sensor, see Select the Media
Sensor on page 56.
Figure 20 • Transmissive Sensor
Adjust the Reflective Sensor
The reflective sensor is compatible with most types of media. With non-continuous media, the
reflective sensor detects the start-of-label indicator (the notch, hole, black mark, or gap
between die-cut labels). With both continuous media and non-continuous media, the sensor
detects an out-of-paper condition. If you have difficulties with calibration while using this
sensor, use the transmissive sensor (see Select the Transmissive Sensor on page 42).
Position the reflective sensor in the following way:
directly under the notch, hole, or black mark with these types of labels
anywhere along the width of the media if there is a gap between labels
anywhere under the media for continuous media
The glow of the red light through the media may help you accurately position the sensor.
1Standard transmissive sensor
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