13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
symbology The term generally used when referring to a bar code.
tag A type of media having no adhesive backing but featuring a hole or notch by which the
tag can be hung on something. Tags are usually made of cardboard or other durable material.
tear-off A mode of operation in which the user tears the label or tag stock away from the
remaining media by hand.
thermal transfer A printing method in which the printhead presses an ink or resin coated
ribbon against the media. H eating the printhead elements causes the ink or resin to transfer
onto the media. By selectively heating the printhead elements as the media and ribbon move
past, an image is printed onto the media. Contrast this with direct thermal.
void A space on which printing should have occurred, but did not due to an error condition
such as wrinkled ribbon or faulty print elements. A void can cause a printed bar code symbol
to be read incorrectly or not at all.
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