10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
light emitting diode (LED) Indicators of specific printer status conditions. Each LED is
either off, on, or blinking depending on the feature being monitored.
lock-up This is the term generally used to describe a fault condition that, for no apparent
reason, causes the printer to stop working.
media Material onto which data is printed by the printer. Types of media include: tag stock,
die-cut labels, continuous labels (with and without media liner), non-continuous media,
fanfold media, and roll media.
media sensor This sensor is located behind the printhead to detect the presence of media
and, for non-continuous media, the position of the web, hole, or notch used to indicate the start
of each label.
non-continuous media Media that contains an indication of where one label/printed
format ends and the next one begins. Examples are die-cut labels, notched tag-stock, and stock
with black mark registration marks.
non-volatile memory Electronic memory that retains data even when the power to the
printer is turned off.
notched media A type of tag stock containing a cutout area that can be sensed as a start-of-
label indicator by the printer. This is typically a heavier, cardboard-like material that is either
cut or torn away from the next tag. (See non-continuous media.)
print speed The speed at which printing occurs. For thermal transfer printers, this speed is
expressed in terms of ips (inches per second). Zebra offers printers that can print from 1 ips to
12 ips.
printhead wear The degradation of the surface of the printhead and/or the print elements
over time. Heat and abrasion can cause printhead wear. Therefore, to maximize the life of the
printhead, use the lowest print darkness setting (sometimes called burn temperature or head
temperature) and the lowest printhead pressure necessary to produce good print quality. In the
thermal transfer printing method, use ribbon that is as wide or wider than the media to protect
the printhead from the rough media surface.
registration Alignment of printing with respect to the top of a label or tag.
ribbon A band of material consisting of a base film coated with wax or resin “ink.” The
inked side of the material is pressed by the printhead against the media. The ribbon transfers
ink onto the media when heated by the small elements within the printhead. Zebra ribbons
have a coating on the back that protects the printhead from wear.
ribbon wrinkle A wrinkling of the ribbon caused by improper alignment or improper
printhead pressure. This wrinkle can cause voids in the print and/or the used ribbon to rewind
unevenly. This condition should be corrected by performing adjustment procedures.
roll media Media that comes supplied rolled onto a core (usually cardboard). Contrast this
with fanfold media.
supplies A general term for media and ribbon.
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