13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
core diameter The inside diameter of the cardboard core at the center of a roll of media or
diagnostics Information about which printer functions are not working that is used for
troubleshooting printer problems.
die-cut media A type of label stock that has individual labels stuck to a media liner. The
labels may be either lined up against each other or separated by a small distance. Typically the
material surrounding the labels has been removed. (See non-continuous media.)
direct thermal A printing method in which the printhead presses directly against the media.
Heating the printhead elements causes a discoloration of the heat-sensitive coating on the
media. By selectively heating the printhead elements as the media moves past, an image is
printed onto the media. No ribbon is used with this printing method. Contrast this with thermal
direct thermal media Media that is coated with a substance that reacts to the application of
direct heat from the printhead to produce an image.
dynamic RAM The memory devices used to store the label formats in electronic form while
they are being printed. The amount of DRAM memory available in the printer determines the
maximum size and number of label formats that can be printed. This is volatile memory that
loses the stored information when power is turned off.
fanfold media Media that comes folded in a rectangular stack. Contrast this with roll media.
firmware This is the term used to specify the printer’s operating program. This program is
downloaded to the printer from a host computer and stored in FLASH memory. Each time the
printer power is turned on, this operating program starts. This program controls when to feed
the media forward or backward and when to print a dot on the label stock.
FLASH memory FLASH memory is non-volatile and maintains the stored information
intact when power is off. This memory area is used to store the printer’s operating program. In
addition, this memory can be used to store optional printer fonts, graphic formats, and
complete label formats.
Font A complete set of alphanumeric characters in one style of type. Examples include
CG Times™, CG Triumvirate Bold Condensed™.
ips (inches-per-second) The speed at which the label or tag is printed. Zebra printers can
print from 1 ips to 12 ips.
label An adhesive-backed piece of paper, plastic, or other material on which information is
label backing (liner) The material on which labels are affixed during manufacture and
which is discarded or recycled by the end-users.
liquid crystal display (LCD) The LCD is a back-lit display that provides the user with
either operating status during normal operation or option menus when configuring the printer
to a specific application.
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