10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
alphanumeric Indicating letters, numerals, and characters such as punctuation marks.
backfeed When the printer pulls the media and ribbon (if used) backward into the printer so
that the beginning of the label to be printed is properly positioned behind the printhead.
Backfeed occurs when operating the printer in Tear-Off and Applicator modes.
bar code A code by which alphanumeric characters can be represented by a series of
adjacent stripes of different widths. Many different code schemes exist, such as the universal
product code (UPC) or Code 39.
black mark A registration mark found on the underside of the print media that acts as a start-
of-label indication for the printer. (See continuous media.)
calibration (of a printer) A process in which the printer determines some basic
information needed to print accurately with a particular media and ribbon combination. To do
this, the printer feeds some media and ribbon (if used) through the printer and senses whether
to use the direct thermal or thermal transfer print method, and (if using non-continuous media)
the length of individual labels or tags.
character set The set of all letters, numerals, punctuation marks, and other characters that
can be expressed by a particular font or bar code.
check digit A character added to a bar code symbol that indicates to the scanner that it has
read the symbol correctly.
configuration The printer configuration is a group of operating parameters specific to the
printer application. Some parameters are user selectable, while others are dependent on the
installed options and mode of operation. Parameters may be switch selectable, control panel
programmable, or downloaded as ZPL II commands. A configuration label listing all the
current printer parameters may be printed for reference.
continuous media Label or tag-stock media that has no notch, gap, or web (media liner
only) to separate the labels or tags. The media is one long piece of material.
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