Select a Communication Interface
13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
Select a Communication Interface
The way that you connect your printer to a data source depends on the communication options
installed in the printer. You may use any available connection to send commands and label
formats from a host computer to the printer.
Connector Locations
Refer to Figure 9. The printer comes standard with an Electronics Industries Association (EIA)
RS-232 serial interface (DB-9 connector), an IEEE 1284 bidirectional parallel interface
(unless replaced with an optional print server port), and a USB 1.1 port. You may use any of
these interface methods to send commands and label formats from a host to the printer.
Figure 9 • Cable Connections
Caution • Connecting a data communications cable while the power is ON may damage
the printer.
Note • You must supply all interface cables for your application. Refer to Data Cable
Requirements on page 17 for specific cable requirements.
1Parallel interface connector (not available on units
that have an optional print server port)
2DB-9 serial interface connector
3USB 1.1 connector
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