Maintenance and Drawings
Media Side Main Printer Assemblies
13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
Table A • Media Side Main Printer Assemblies
Item Part Number Description Qty
120070M Media Door Assembly, Maintenance Kit (see Table Q on page 337)1
220053 Lower Rear Cover 1
320069M Media Hanger Assembly, Maintenance Kit (see Table P on page 336)1
477085M Ribbon Supply Spindle Maintenance Kit (see Table M on page 33301
578302M Static Brush Assembly, Maintenance Kit (see Table N on page 334)1
620004M Ribbon Take-up Spindle Maintenance Kit (see Table O on page 335)1
720067-104M 203 dpi Print Mechanism Maintenance Kit (see Table C on page 320)1
20067-106M 300 dpi Print Mechanism Maintenance Kit (see Table C on page 320)1
879030 Platen Housing 1
977238M Dancer Assembly (see Table L on page 332) 1
10 777675M Ribbon/Head Open Assembly Maintenance Kit (see Table J on page 330)1
11 77752M Transmissive Sensor Maintenance Kit (see Table F on page 324)1
12 20038 Lower Front Cover, Tear 1
20039 Lower Front Cover, Peel 1
13 20060M Control Panel Assembly Maintenance Kit (see Table V on page 342)1
Bold = Part available for purchase
Light italic = Part not available for purchase, listed and shown for reference only
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