Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
Platen Roller
10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
Install the Platen Roller
See Figure 139 on page 264. If removed insert a new spring clip part way in the inboard
platen housing.
2. Install the inboard bearing on the inboard platen shaft.
3. Insert the platen shaft through the inboard clip.
a. Start the new inboard bearing into the clip.
b. Work the inboard bearing back and forth until the bearing is up against the clip.
c. The round side of the bearing goes down into the housing.
4. Once the inboard bearing is fully against the clip, angle up the outboard end of the platen
just enough to slide on the wave washer and outboard bearing. Seat the platen roller and
bearings in the platen housing.
5. Verify that the bearings are seated in the housing with the flat side up.
6. Position the outer clip straight over the circular part of the outboard bearing.
7. With a pair of pliers or other small tool, lightly tap in a downward motion on the spring
clips until they completely seat (snap) into the housing.
8. Does your printer have a tear bar?
9. Orient the compound pulley belt in the correct pulley position as noted in step 4 on
page 259 and then reinstall the belt around the original pulley.
Caution • Wear protective eye wear when installing or removing E-rings, C-clips, snap
rings, springs, and mounting buttons. These are under tension and could fly off.
Note • The flat side of the bearing must face up.
If… Then…
No Continue to step 9.
Yes a. See Figure 137 on page 262. Reinstall the tear bar.
b. See Figure 136 on page 261 and Figure 137 on page 262. Reinstall the
lower front cover and latch cover.
c. Continue to step 9.
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