System Description
Control Panel
13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
Control Panel LCD
The control panel LCD functions differently in different printer modes.
•In Operating mode, the LCD displays the printer’s status, sometimes in conjunction with
a control panel light (see Control Panel Lights on page 6). When the printer is receiving
data, the control panel shows the word DATA and cycles through a series of dots and
•In Pause mode, the printer stops printing temporarily.
•In Setup mode, you can use the control panel LCD to view or modify printer parameters
(see Control Panel LCD Display on page 54).
•In Error mode, the LCD may display an alert or error message (see LCD Error Messages
on page 86).
Control Panel Buttons
The printer has six basic control buttons on the control panel. Some of these buttons also
function as navigational keys when the printer is in Setup mode. The current function of a
particular button is determined by which light is illuminated next to it (Figure 4).
Figure 4 • Example of Active Control Panel Buttons
Table 1 describes the function of each button. The MENU, PAUSE, and FEED buttons are
active when the printer is in normal operating mode.
1FEED active
2Right arrow active
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