Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
Stepper Motor and Gear/Pulley
10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
Install the New Stepper Motor and Gear
1. See Figure 114 on page 228. Install the stepper motor by sliding the gear/pulley through
the drive belt. Secure in position with the pivot screw, but do not tighten at this time.
2. Reinstall the locking screw and nut, but do not tighten at this time
3. Rotate the motor down until the drive belt is just taut. Tighten the locking screw and then
the pivot screw.
4. Connect the stepper motor power cable to J9 on the MLB.
Install the Electronics Cover
1. See RRP No. 2 on page 124 and install the electronics cover.
2. Reinstall the media and ribbon.
3. Reconnect AC power cord and data cables.
4. Turn On (l) the printer.
Note • Belt should deflect under finger pressure but no more than ¼ inch (6 mm).
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