Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
Reflective Media Sensor
13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
Install the New Media Sensor Assembly
1. See Figure 87 on page 189. Route the media sensor wires through the wireway in the
platen roller assembly and through the access hole in the printer frame. Reinstall the cable
tie previously cut in the wireway.
2. Align the media sensor carrier slots with the slides provided on the platen roller assembly
and slide the carrier part way in. Gently press down on the media sensor carrier and push
the carrier past the stop.
3. Release the carrier and push it back and forth to verify traveling its entire route on the
platen housing tracks. Reinstall the platen assembly latch cover.
4. Route the wires behind the ground strap from the printhead.
5. See Figure 86 on page 188. Insert the wires into the protective wrap.
6. Connect the media sensor to the main logic board (P7).
Reinstall the Electronics Cover
1. See RRP No. 2 on page 124 and install the electronics cover.
2. Reinstall the media and ribbon.
3. Reconnect the AC Power cord and data cables.
4. Turn On (l) the printer.
Note • Ensure the wire harness inside the platen roller housing wireway has no twists and
travels freely the entire route.
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