Ribbon/Head Open Sensor Assembly
Ribbon/Printhead Open Sensor
13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
5. After entering the password, press ENTER.
If you entered a valid password, additional parameters are displayed.
6. Press the right arrow () until MEDI A/ RI BBON CALI BRATE is displayed.
7. Press ENTER to start the calibration procedure.
The LOAD BACKI NG/ REMOVE RI BBON prompt displays.
8. Open the printhead.
9. Remove approximately 8 in. (203 mm) of labels from the backing, and pull the media into
the printer so that only the backing is between the media sensors.
10. Remove the ribbon.
11. Close the printhead.
12. Press ENTER to continue.
The printer adjusts the scale (gain) of the signals that it receives from the media and
ribbon sensors based on the specific media and ribbon combination being used. On the
sensor profile, this corresponds to moving the peak of the graph up or down to optimize
the readings for your application.
When calibration is complete, RELOAD ALL displays.
13. Open the printhead and pull the media forward until a label is positioned under the media
14. Reload the ribbon (if used) and close the printhead.
15. Press ENTER to continue.
The printer performs an auto-calibration. During this process, the printer checks the
readings for the media and ribbon based on the new scale established, determines the label
length, and determines the print mode. To see the new readings on the new scale, print a
sensor profile.
After the auto-calibration is complete, MEDI A/ RI BBON CALI BRATE is displayed.
16. Press MENU.
SAVE CHANGES displays.
17. Press the up () or down arrows () to select YES.
18. Press ENTER to permanently save the calibration and return to PRI NTER READY.
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