Ribbon/Head Open Sensor Assembly
Ribbon/Printhead Open Sensor
10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
Figure 85 • Gap Measurement between Print Mechanism and Sensor
Reinstall the Electronics Cover
1. See RRP No. 2 on page 124 and install the electronics cover.
2. Install media and ribbon.
3. Reconnect AC power cord and data cables.
4. Turn On (l) the printer.
5. After the Power-on Self Test (POST), unlatch the printhead mechanism. Look at the front
panel to ensure the error/alert LED flashes and the LCD displays ALERT HEAD OPEN.
6. Close the printhead.
Calibrate the Printer
Perform this procedure only if the thermal transfer option is installed.
1. Press MENU to enter the Setup Mode.
2. Press the right arrow () until ADVANCED SETUP 3 is displayed.
3. Press ENTER, the printer displays PASSWORD and the number 0000.
4. Enter the four-digit password for the password level displayed. The factory default
password for is 1234.
The left and right arrows change the selected digit position. The up and down arrows
change the value of the selected digit.
2Mounting screw
0. 060 in. (1. 5 mm)
±0. 015 in.
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