Ribbon/Head Open Sensor Assembly
Ribbon/Printhead Open Sensor
13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
Figure 84 • Ribbon Sensor Removal and Installation
Install the New Ribbon/Head Open Sensor Assembly
1. See Figure 84 and Figure 83. Route the sensor wires, with connector, through the access
hole in the printer mainframe.
2. Place the sensor cable wires back into the protective wrap.
3. Connect the media sensor cable to the main logic board at P4.
4. Install the ribbon/head open sensor to the mainframe with the new screw. Do not tighten it
at this time.
5. See Figure 85. Using a 0.060 ± 0.015 inch (1.5 mm) feeler gauge, check the distance
between the ribbon/head open sensor assembly and the printhead mechanism assembly.
Once this distance is achieved, tighten the mounting screw.
1Ribbon/Head open sensor assembly
2Mounting screw
3Access hole
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