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13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
Who Should Use This Document
This Maintenance Manual is intended for use by system technicians and repair personnel.
How This Document Is Organized
The Maintenance Manual is set up as follows:
Section Description
System Description on page 1 This section provides an overview of the printer.
Included are specifications of the printer and a
brief explanation of each component and its
Operations on page 31 This section assists the technician with “out of the
box” installation, initial setup, and printer
Troubleshooting on page 83 This section provides information about LCD,
print quality, communications, and other errors
that you might need to troubleshoot. The tables
provide symptoms, diagnoses of probable causes,
and recommended actions that should result in
proper printer operation. Working with these
tables, the technician can diagnose printer faults
and determine the needed repair.
Preventive and Corrective
Maintenance on page 105
This section provides various levels of printer
maintenance required for optimum performance.
This section also provides information on cleaning
and general maintenance, replacement of major
assemblies, and mechanical adjustments.
Maintenance and Drawings
on page 313
This section illustrates parts and assemblies
common to the S4M and gives their maintenance
part numbers.
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