Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
Printhead Pressure Dials
10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
Install the New Pressure Dials
1. See Figure 79 on page 174. Insert the new dials and springs into the print mechanism.
2. See Figure 78 on page 173. Reinstall the pressure bracket and roller and then remove the
masking tape.
3. Retighten the lower print mechanism latch screw.
4. See Figure 76 on page 171. Connect the printhead cables to the printhead fork assembly,
and carefully slide the assembly into the print mechanism ensuring the data cable and
power cable are kept away from the printhead lifting spring (see Figure 78 on page 173).
5. See Figure 76 on page 171. Ensure the two locating protrusions on the print mechanism
mounting plate snap into the locating holes on the printhead fork assembly. Move the
assembly back and forth to be sure that it is engaged. There should be no movement.
6. Secure the printhead to the mechanism with the previously removed thumbscrew and
close the print mechanism.
7. Set the printer up on the base.
8. Open the print mechanism and latch it in the open position.
Using the Zebra Preventive Maintenance Kit (Zebra part number 47362), clean the
printhead and platen roller.
10. Reinstall media and ribbon.
11. See Figure 75 on page 170. Rotate the two printhead pressure dials to the desired position
for your daily printing.
12. Reinstall media and ribbon.
13. Close the media door.
14. Reconnect the AC power cord and data cables.
15. Turn On (l) the printer.
Caution • Do not use sharp objects to clean the printhead or platen roller.
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