Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
Printhead Release Latch
10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
Install the New Latch Kit
1. See Figure 71 on page 164. Install the compression spring on the platen housing post.
2. Align the latch with the spring pin holes.
3. Insert the spring pin through the front hole of the latch and though the platen housing. The
rear hole in the latch is the only small one and you will need to tap on the spring pin.
4. Lightly tap the spring pin into the rear hole. Leave equal amounts of spring pin sticking
out on each side of latch.
5. Install the strike plate partially into print mechanism.
6. See Figure 72. Install the adjustment screw into the strike plate by sliding it in the opening
with the shoulder below the top piece of sheet metal and above the bottom piece of sheet
Figure 72 • Adjustment Screw Location
7. See Figure 71 on page 164. Tighten the adjustment screw until the top of the strike plate is
just below the top of the print mechanism.
8. Install the two mounting screws and washer through the strike plate and into the print
mechanism. Do not tighten at this time; leave them approximately ½ turn loose. Latch the
print mechanism.
1Strike plate
2Adjustment screw
3Adjustment screw shoulder
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