Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
Printhead Upgrade Option
10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
7. See Figure 41. Remove the lower printhead guide by pushing the tabs away from the fork
Figure 41 • Remove the Lower Guide
Install the Printhead
1. See Figure 41. Install the lower guide on the new printhead fork assembly
2. Connect both printhead power and data cables to the printhead connectors and carefully
slide them into position. Ensure the cables are in their proper channels and are not binding
the printhead.
See Figure 40 on page 132. Install the new printhead fork assembly.
4. Ensure the two locating protrusions on the print mechanism mounting plate snap into the
locating holes on the printhead fork assembly. Move the assembly back and forth to be
sure that it is engaged. There should be no movement.
1Printhead fork assembly
2Lower guide
3Tabs (2)
Caution • An improperly connected printhead data or power cable may cause the
printhead to generate excessive heat and/or a false HEAD COLD message to display
while the printhead is hot enough to cause severe burns. Allow the printhead to cool.
Important • When mounting the printhead fork assembly onto the print mechanism,
visually inspect and ensure the following:
the cables are in their channels at the back of their carrier assembly
the power cable is under data cable
they are not binding on the print mechanism
Note • The printhead must be properly engaged with the ribbon guide plate to have the
proper print quality.
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