Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
Equipment Safety Tips
10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
Equipment Safety Tips
The AC power plug and IEC 320 connectors on all Zebra Printers must bear the
certification mark of at least one of the international safety organizations listed below.
Zebra printers comply with international regulations governing radiated emissions when
using fully shielded data cables. Data cables must be fully shielded and fitted with metal
or metallized connector shells. Required shielded data cables and connectors prevent
radiation and reception of electrical noise. Use of unshielded data cables may increase
radiated emissions above the regulated limits.
Zebra recommends using Preventive Maintenance Kit (p/n 47362), or a solvent containing
90% isopropyl alcohol and 10% distilled water. Increase the percentage of alcohol as
necessary for effective cleaning of:
• printheads
platen rollers
peel-off rollers
pinch rollers
media paths
peel/tear bars
Ribbons used in the printers must be as wide as or wider than the media. If the ribbon is
narrower than the media, areas of the printhead will be unprotected and subject to
premature wear.
To ensure the printer has proper ventilation and cooling, do not place any padding or
cushioning material under the unit because this restricts airflow.
Install the printer on a solid, level surface of sufficient size and strength to accommodate
the physical dimensions and weight of the unit. The area enclosure in which the printer
will operate must meet the environmental conditions specified in the Maintenance Manual
or User Guide. Electrical power must be available and in close proximity to the printer.
Caution • Turn Off (O) the printer and disconnect it from the power source before
performing any maintenance.
Caution • Observe proper electrostatic safety precautions when handling any
static-sensitive components such as circuit boards and printheads.
Caution • Permanent damage to the Flash Memory will result if you turn on power to the
print engine with Flash Memory chips installed in the wrong direction.
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