Printer Diagnostics
10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
FEED and PAUSE Self Test
Performing this self test temporarily resets the printer configuration to the factory default
values. These values are active only until power is turned off unless you save them
permanently in memory. If the factory default values are permanently saved, a media
calibration procedure must be performed.
To perform a FEED and PAUSE self test, complete these steps:
1. Turn Off (O) the printer.
2. Press and hold FEED and PAUSE while turning the power On (I).
3. Hold FEED and PAUSE until the first control panel light turns off.
The printer configuration is temporarily reset to the factory default values. No labels print
at the end of this test.
Communications Diagnostics Test
Do not perform the following test until all configuration and calibration parameters have been
set. For configuration information, see Control Panel LCD Display on page 54.
This test is controlled from the control panel LCD display. See Hex Dump on page 63.
Figure 32 shows a typical printout from this test. Turn the printer power Off (O) and then back
On (I) to exit this self test and return to normal operation.
Figure 32 • Communications Diagnostics Test Label
Note • This test label prints upside-down.
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