Printer Diagnostics
13291L-001 Rev. A S4M Maintenance Manual 10/27/05
FEED Self Test
Different types of media may require different darkness settings. This section contains a
simple but effective method for determining the ideal darkness for printing bar codes that are
within specifications.
During the FEED self test, labels are printed at different darkness settings at two different print
speeds. The relative darkness and the print speed are printed on each label. The bar codes on
these labels may be ANSI-graded to check print quality.
During this test, one set of labels is printed at 2 ips, and another set is printed at 6 ips. The
darkness value starts at three settings lower than the printer’s current darkness value (relative
darkness of –3) and increase until the darkness is three settings higher than the current
darkness value (relative darkness of +3).
To perform a FEED self test, complete these steps:
1. Print a configuration label to show the printer’s current settings.
2. Turn Off (O) the printer.
3. Press and hold FEED while turning the power On (I). Hold FEED until the first control
panel light turns off.
The printer prints a series of labels (Figure 30) at various speeds and at darkness settings
higher and lower than the darkness value shown on the configuration label.
Figure 30 • FEED Test Label
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