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10/27/05 S4M Maintenance Manual 13291L-001 Rev. A
LOAD DEFAULTS Load Factory Defaults
Sets all parameters back to factory defaults.
Important • Use care when using this command. All printer
parameters are reset to factory values with this command. If
possible, print a configuration label to have as a record of the
printer’s settings before loading defaults.
How to select this parameter:
1. Press ENTER.
The printer asks ARE YOU SURE?
2. To load factory defaults, press ENTER to select YES. To cancel, press
any other key.
HEAD OPEN Show Printhead Status
This menu item provides visual feedback for the adjustment of the head
open sensor. If the printhead is open, OPEN displays. If the printhead is
closed, CLOSED displays. This value cannot be changed through the
control panel.
DI RECT- THERMAL Select Direct-Thermal Configuration
Direct-Thermal Only mode is a factory configuration setting for printers
that are built without a ribbon handling system. Changing this parameter
from NO to YES changes the printer configuration to Direct-Thermal Only
operation after the printer power is cycled.
NO—The printer has a ribbon system and should not operate in
Direct-Thermal Only mode.
YES—The printer does not have a ribbon system and must operate in
Direct-Thermal Only mode.
Default Value: NO
To modify this parameter:
1. Press the up or down arrow to toggle between the selections.
2. If you changed to NO:
a. Load printer defaults (see Load Factory Defaults on page 64) to
enable the ribbon handling system.
b. Perform media and ribbon calibration (see Calibrate Media and
Ribbon Sensors on page 67).
3. Turn the printer power Off (O) and then back On (I).
Table 15 • Printer Parameters, Manufacturing Menu (Page 7 of 7)
Parameter Explanation
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