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To easily program all the features in your radio, it is
recommended to use the CPS Kit which includes the
Programming Cable, CPS and accessories sections.
Programming Mode
Programming Mode is special radio mode that allows you
to program basic radio’s features by using the radio’s panel
When the radio is set to Programming Mode, you are able
to read and modify three features:
• Frequencies,
Codes (CTCSS/DPL) and,
• Auto-scan.
The Programming Frequencies feature allows you to
select frequencies for each channel.
The Interference Eliminator Code (CTCSS/ DPL) helps
minimize interference by providing you with a choice of
code combinations that filter out static, noise, and
unwanted messages.
The Auto Scan feature allows you to set a particular
channel to automatically enable scan each time you switch
to that channel ( you will not need to press any button to
start scanning).
For more details in programming features please go to
http://www.motorolasolutions.com to download the
full version of the XT420/XT460 User Guide.
The easiest way to program or change features in your
radio is by using the Computer Programming Software
(CPS) and the CPS Programming Cable(*).
The CPS allows the user to program frequencies, PL/DPL
codes as well as other features such as: Time-out Timer,
Scan List, Call Tones, Scramble, Reverse Burst, etc. CPS
is a very useful tool as it can lock the frontpanel radio
programming or restrict any specific radio feature to be
changed (to avoid preset radio values to be accidentally
It also provides security by giving the option to set up a
password for profile radio’s management. Please refer to
Features Summary Chart Section at the end of the User’s
Guide for more details.
CPS Programming Cable
USB Ports
Charger Tray
Radio to be
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