Drop-in Tray Single Unit Charger LED Indicators
(*) Normally, re-positioning the battery pack will correct this issue.
(**) Battery temperature is too warm or too cold or wrong power voltage is being used.
If there is NO LED indication:
1. Check if the radio with battery, or the battery alone, is inserted correctly.
2. Ensure that the power supply cable is securely plugged into the charger socket.
3. Confirm that the battery being used with the radio is listed in Table 1.
Table 2: Charger LED Indicator
Status LED Status Comments
Power On Green for approx. 1 sec
Charging Steady red
Charge Complete Steady green
Battery Fault (*) Red fast flash
Waiting to charge (**) Amber slow flash
Battery Level Status
Flash red 1 time Battery low
Flash amber 2 times Battery medium
Flash green 3 times Battery high
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