DLP Projector – User’s Manual
D5185HD Edge Blending
Equipment Requirement
1. Display Unitstwo D5185HD projectors recommended to have similar brightness levels or closed lamp
hour used.
2. Source Inputa personal computer (PC) with Intel® Core™ i7 processor with 4GB Memory and Win-
dows® 7 (32/64 bit) with dual DVI / HDMI / DP ports.
3. Graphic CardMatrox (M-series) or nVidia video card with build-in Edge Overlap function
4. Optical toolCL200 for color and brightness measurement
Edge Blending Guideline
1. Ensure the blended units with similar brightness level to prevent defect in overlapping area
2. Mechanically blend two screens with assistance of test pattern “Crosshatch” by moving the projector po-
sition and/or by adjusting the lens shift feature.
3. Enable the edge blending function (e.g., Mosaic for nVidia) in the PC, and specify the overlapping area
(15~25% of native resolution)
4. Projector Setup 1the Display Mode = User3
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